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Pre-purchase/Pre-sale Valuations

 The Australian Valuation Group ( Melbourne) will give you a better understanding of the properties true value. This can be very helpful when you are selling or buying a property is the vendor's asking price is too high. 

The valuation process includes the following:

*The Valuation Inspection - The valuer would come by and do a physical inspection which would include measuring the property to attain an accurate GLA (Gross Living Area), shoot photos of the interior/exterior, do a visual inspection to determine condition and account for any necessary repair or updates.

*Comparable Sale Selection and Adjustments - The valuer would do a thorough market analysis of recently sold sales and available listings. 4 Comparable sales would then be chosen which are most similar to the subject. Adjustments would then be made for various discrepancies which include: Square footage, lot size, age, condition, room count (bed & bath), basement, heating/cooling, garage, amenities, location, style, view, obsolescence etc. The valuer would also analyze recent market trends and determine if the subject is in a declining, stable or increasing market and then make appropriate “time” adjustments.

*Final Reconciliation - The valuer would then carefully analyze the pre/post adjusted sales price of the comparables, determine which sale(s) deserve most weight (There are many factors that can determine comparable weight which include: proximity to subject, the most recent sale, similar condition, size, style, net/gross adjustment % etc.) and arrive at a value for the subject property.

The Australian Valuation Group (Melbourne) is where you can talk to a valuer everyt time! If you would like a quote or would like to know more about us, give us a call on (03) 9021 2007 or send us an email query in the contact us section above.
  • Lowest Valuation Fees.

  • 24-Hr Turnaround for Appraisals Available.

  • Over 18 Years Experience in Property Valuations

    If you would like to know more about Pre-purchase/ Pre-sale  valuations, call now!! (03) 9008 7267

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Martin Black

"It was great working with the Australian Valuation Group (Melbourne). We were very happy with the quality and speed at which it was completed (24hr turn around). I would certainly recommend you to friend and family on the future."

Martin Black - Carlton

Stacey Falkner

“Can I take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism and approachable manner when helping us resolve our family law court matters. Without a doubt, I would not hesitate in recommending your professional skills to anyone else. You clearly explained every step of the procedure in a concise manner and provided me with the appropriate support.

Stacey Falkner - Melbourne East