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Separation/De-Facto/Family Law Court

The Australian Valuation Group (Melbourne) provide expert advice when it comes to seperation and family law matters. We provide valuations that are mandatory step for court orders when splitting superannution. 

Our certified valuers are both professional and compassionate when conducting inspections arriving at a fair and independent value.Our family law court valuations are clear and conise, understood by all parties in the Family Law matter and are prepared by our professional senior Australian Property Institute (API) certified valuer.

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Our Certified Valuations Will Be Accepted by Anyone.
100% Money Back Guaranteed!

* Lowest Valuation Fees Online
* 24-Hr Turnaround Available
* Over 18 Years Experience

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Martin Black

"It was great working with the Australian Valuation Group (Melbourne). We were very happy with the quality and speed at which it was completed (24hr turn around). I would certainly recommend you to friend and family on the future."

Martin Black - Carlton

Stacey Falkner

“Can I take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism and approachable manner when helping us resolve our family law court matters. Without a doubt, I would not hesitate in recommending your professional skills to anyone else. You clearly explained every step of the procedure in a concise manner and provided me with the appropriate support.

Stacey Falkner - Melbourne East